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Google Play UI design in Flutter.

GooglePlay Design
I have created a simple google play design in Flutter reference taken from Uplabs.

As you can see in the above screenshot, I have tried to implement Uplabs design. Now let see the code behind this design.
Let's talk about fonts and folder structure. Font used in the design is ProductSans-Medium.ttf, you will find the font inside the assets folder of the project don't forget to add a font in pubspec.yaml file.
Now create a model, res, screen and widget folder inside the lib folder.
Create a file songs_model.dart inside the model folder. songs_model.dart classSongsModel{ String imageUrl; String title; String singer; String duration;SongsModel({this.imageUrl,this.title,this.duration,this.singer});} Create color.dart and style.dart file inside res folder. color.dart import'dart:ui'; Color colorAppYellow =Color(0xfffcb34f); Color colorAppOrange =Color(0xfffe6b6b); Color colorBlack =Color(0xff686868); Color colorGrey =Color(0xffcacaca); style.dart import…