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Google Play UI design in Flutter.

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Flutter basic cooking website example

Flutter Cooking website example
I have tried Flutter for web development and here is my desktop screenshot.

Now let learn to create own website in the Flutter.
To create a website in Flutter you have to update the Flutter to v1.5 or latest, now if you have already the latest version you are ready to rock.
Now hit "flutter packages pub global activate webdev" to add/activate webdev package as global. If you are done with the above step go to your Flutter sdk directory "<flutter sdk directory>\.pub-cache\bin" and "<flutter sdk directory>\bin\cache\dart-sdk\bin" add them to your environment path as per your operating system.
Now go to vscode editor and click on View->Command Palette search for Flutter Web.

After the above step, it will create the necessary files to start work.
Create image_url.dart file inside lib folder.
image_url.dart final imageUrl =['image_1.png','image_2.png','image_3.png','image_4.png','…

Flutter - Payment UI design reference Uplabs.

Payment UI design in Flutter
I was searching for payment UI on Uplabs and got something to share with you. Here it is.

As you can see the above screenshot, I have completed this UI design in Flutter. So let move further and learn to create the payment UI design.
Prerequisite:- I have used community_material_icon & Nunito font, go ahead and download the fonts and get the package to add them in pubspec.yaml.

If you are done with the above step we are ready to move.
Now create the following folder inside lib folder:- 1.screen 2.shape 3.utils 4.widget
Now create home_screen.dart file inside the screen folder. Create a curve_shape.dart file inside the shape folder. Create color.dart file inside the utils folder. Create balance_widget.dartsend_money.dart and store_widget.dart file inside the widget folder.
Now let start to code.
color.dart import'dart:ui'; Color colorApp =Color(0xffF77F23); Color colorApp_100 =Color(0xffFAC654); main.dart import'package:flutter/material.dart&…